Don Rap Fahad Ullah Khan

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Don is a diss track. Don is a big dad, a disaster for rappers, Diss Desi Urdu Hip Hop Rap Banger going to whang, This track is a treatment, solution, brains straightener, a hole medicine, bird banger, trap music, drill machine so many names i can go endless, hindi urdu, desi rap battle destroyer, a young shahrukh khan is angry, a next CR is friendly, so shady is the main key for bringing justice to every worthless skilless hole openers to their daddy bringing nothing but their worthless shit on the table, now i ll make them eat their own Shit. This is what all DON is about !!!

Artist : Fahad Ullah Khan
Producer : Hooya
Mixing : Fahad Ullah Khan
Mastering : Fahad Ullah Khan
VFX Video Editing  : Fahad Ullah Khan