KINGKHAN Rap Fahad Ullah Khan

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A lethal desi urdu hip hop rap banger towards haters, a great hip hop destruction with nothing but Truth and Facts, this ll teach a great lesson to these hypocrites, its not a diss track or hate banger its a justice music so i am not just here to destory talent but haters too. KHAN was born to Rule, let all these worthless slums combine and attack, let them fool and dance for my attention, but ll they get it? yes yes they getting a great injection in their peaches, bitches need stitches, cz bitches need riches, KINGKHAN ll straight you up, KINGKHAN ll straight your bobibibolo and heads, its not Toxicism, its Justice, trust me.

Artist : Fahad Ullah Khan
Producer : Hooya
Mixing : Fahad Ullah Khan
Mastering : Fahad Ullah Khan
VFX Video Editing  : Fahad Ullah Khan