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There is no surrender in our bloodline, we dont hurt innocent people this track is lethal but for those crossed limits so i am here fearlessly destroying those who disrespected me, my cast, my family as a pure Justice, we defend weak and innocent people, we only surrender to One True God ALLAH,
we are God fearing, we believe in life after death, we believe in Judgement day, we believe in justice and court of ALLAH
we are Pathaans, we fight for truth, we are humble to pious and warrior to devils, and its not even about Pathaans “A mankind is not but a single nation” we are all equal, we are fighters against racism, this track is nothing but justice.

Artist : Fahad Ullah Khan
Producer : Pleur
Mixing : Fahad Ullah Khan
Mastering : Fahad Ullah Khan
VFX Video Editing  : Fahad Ullah Khan