My name is Fahad Ullah Khan. I am from Miranshah, Waziristan, Pakistan. Basically i am a professional football player represented national team in several big events like Olympics qualification round and World Cup qualification round. I am still very much hungry for Football Glory with hardwork and faith. Your Love is also a Rap Star and doing all that technical stuff too like mixing, mastering, Vfx, video editing, graphics designing, web development, application development etc etc This beautiful Website is solely created by your Love, I do feel i am a pure “ONE MAN ARMY” as a self-taught application and game developer hope to bring some amazing apps and games on the table too in future as i already created an amazing sword fighting game "Samurai Soul Knight Legion RPG" for iPhone and android which took me like a year to build it all alone from icon making, game development to game trailer etc so please do check it out in games page hope you find it very interesting and addictive. But as for now time is short and Dreams are big so i am more into Rap and Football Stuff now, hope to make a Difference. This website My Empire is where i ll upload my music, my art, my football stuff, my applications, games, products, services etc. i also shared alot of great products and services which are of top quality by professionals hope you find them extremely beneficial. I hope to massively inspire you all with my music and Art. Thank You !


Fahad Ullah Khan

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Olympics Qualification Round 2011, Thailand Tour, Friendly Match Against Thailand National Team, Got chance of 5 mins play, Got a ball, Dribbled three players and pass to Captain. This was the greatest moment from our team which then later came in news papers the very next day.

Fahad Ullah Khan Olympic Qualification Round against Thailand

Playing Experience

• Played U-17 AFC World Cup qualifying round in India 2005
• Played U-18 Futsal mini world cup in Munich, Germany 2006
• Second best scorer in U-18 Futsal mini world cup in Munich,
Germany 2006-scored 22 goals in 6 matches
• Played U-23 Olympic qualifying round in Malaysia 2011
• Played Geo super league twice represented Islamabad soccer team
• Participated many national soccer camps